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About Us

The Julian Teaching School Hub is based at Notre Dame High School, part of St John the Baptist Catholic Multi Academy Trust.

Our vision

Uniting schools to serve every child, by applying best bets for improving outcomes.

Behaviours and values

We will recruit, train and retain the best educators by providing them with high-quality, evidence-informed CPD, developing them whatever their chosen career path. Working with schools of all sizes and types, we will bring the evidence of what works in classrooms and schools to life through exemplification. We will invite all schools to share in our work, not just those with the capacity to engage readily. We will form partnerships both regionally and nationally to deliver the very best in education for every child in our region.


Relentless focus on professional development

Everything we do is driven by a desire to improve pupil outcomes, especially for the vulnerable. CPD is a key lever to achieving this, but we know it's complex. We will always prioritise asking ‘and so what?’



Learning and growth for all

Everyone involved in our work will learn and grow professionally — participants, facilitators, mentors, coaches and leaders. The work of the Hub will realise a variety of career paths within all our schools, including teacher education.


Partnerships between learning organisations

We aim to provide locally-led CPD for all schools. We reach out to those who share our vision and values, believing that the capacity,
knowledge and experience required to effectively serve our region can only come from schools working together.


Fidelity with intelligent adaption

We look beyond headlines, ensuring we show fidelity to the evidence of what works, while contributing to its evolution. We prioritise local exemplification such that all educators understand the ‘how’ along with the ‘why and ‘what’.

 Our offer

Staff development charter

In consultation with our steering group and a working party made up of local Trust leaders, we have produced a staff development charter. Its purpose is to provide a clear rationale for the importance of professional learning in improving student outcomes; and to have a clearly-defined, evidence-informed approach to staff development which supports schools in realising their strategic aims and priorities through improved recruitment, development and retention of their staff.

Organisations who have signed up to the staff development charter:










You can download the charter below; contact us for more information or to sign up.