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National Professional Qualifications

Study the newly-reformed suite of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) with our delivery partners, the Church of England and the Teacher Development Trust (TDT).




The new NPQs


Create a culture of excellence across your setting. Develop your team and bring them with you on the journey.

Find out more here with Church of England
Find out more here with TDT

Additional Support Offer

Structured, unassessed face-to-face support based on the best available evidence about what makes an effective Headteacher. 

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Find out more here with TDT

Senior Leadership

Ensure collective accountability for planning and implementing whole-school change with senior leadership responsibility.

Find out more here with Church of England
Find out more here with TDT

Leading Teacher 

Develop the teachers in your school through coaching, mentoring, and designing and implementing effective CPD programmes.

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Lead high-quality teaching and curriculum development, securing phase- or subject-specific excellence.

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Leading Behaviour and Culture

Improve pupil wellbeing through consistency of approach and practice. Create a warm whole-school culture.

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ALL NPQs are fully funded for all teachers in state-funded schools in England.

 The NPQ in Headship is accompanied by the fully-funded Additional Support Offer (ASO) for all headteachers in their first 24 months of headship. The ASO provides structured, unassessed face-to-face support based on the best available evidence about what makes an effective headteacher. 

How to apply

We are running the following cohorts this spring (starting in January/February): NPQH, ASO (Church of England); ASO, NPQLTD, NPQLT, NPQLBC (TDT).
Applications close as follows:

  • Church of England NPQH 17 January 
  • Church of England ASO 17 January 
  • TDT ASO 14 January
  • TDT NPQLBC, NPQLTD 14 January

When you have decided who you want to study for NPQs and selected your chosen provider, please click here in order to register (requires one’s Teacher Reference Number (TRN)). You/your employee will then be able to formally apply via the chosen provider, at which stage more information is required e.g. teaching and leadership experience, name of the sponsor. The final step is for the sponsor (a senior person within your organisation) to endorse the application. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the application process.

Find out more

Why the new NPQs? Why the Julian Teaching School Hub? Why now?? Click here to watch our bitesize NPQ explainer videos and have your questions answered!


We're honoured to be working with colleagues with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


For Church of England:
Richard Cranmer, CEO at St Benet’s Multi Academy Trust
Ian Kendal, Executive Head at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Multi Academy Trust
With small group coaching from Kelly Scott, and Heather Brand (DNEAT)

For TDT:
Clare Fletcher, Director of Schools at Yare Education Trust
Clare JonesExecutive Director of Education at Boudica Schools Trust


For Church of England:
Sonia Innes: Education Director at VNET
Brian Conway: CEO at St John the Baptist Catholic MAT
Sam Nixon: Director of School Improvement at St Benet’s Multi Academy Trust

For TDT:
Jonathan Rice: Executive Headteacher at Caister Primary Federation
Carol Dallas: Education Consultant and former Headteacher
Glenn Russell: Executive Headteacher at Stalham Academy


For Church of England:
Jon Ford, Principal at the Open Academy
Priscilla Crane, Executive Head
With small group coaching from Kate Wenlock, Emma Sacrisbrick, and Rebecca Newman (DNEAT)

For TDT:
Emma AdcockDirector of Training and Research at VNET
Tom Pinnington, Headteacher at Notre Dame High School


Roger HigginsDirector of the Julian TSH
Sarah Bird, ITT Lead at the Julian TSH


Jan Gallon, Teaching Schools Lead, NTLEC
Rosemary Bonnington, Director of Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy at Boudica School Trust


Keith Bates, Headteacher at Eaton Hall Specialist Academy
Jenny Reeves, SEND Lead at St John the Baptist CMAT