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How to raise a concern

The Julian Teaching School Hub follows the Teaching School Hubs Council's (TSHC's) Code of Conduct, which includes a commitment to upholding the Seven Nolan Principles of Public Life. Our core team strives for best practice and integrity in everything we do. We participate in the TSHC's peer review process and any other quality review activities. We quality assure ourselves and our wider team regularly.

Where we employ external facilitators, we ask their employing organisation to inform us of any circumstances that could call their work with us into question, and we regularly seek participant feedback and act upon it where required.

Should a situation occur where you have a complaint, we have a complaints policy that is accessible to all. We commit to using complaints as an opportunity to re-examine systems and services and, through feedback to the complainant, show that we are responsive to their concerns. We encourage you to raise any complaints you may have about our work or processes in accordance with this policy.

We understand that we run a large number of events, both online and face to face, that may be both facilitated and attended entirely by colleagues not directly under contract with the Hub. We want our facilitators and participants to be able to let us know if something they see or hear at such an event gives rise to a concern. 

Please complete this form if you have a safeguarding or other concern about arising from your participation in our work. When you submit this form, an email notification will be triggered to the Director and Operations Manager of the Teaching School Hub, who will take any necessary action, which may include contacting you for further information. If you would rather report your concern verbally, you can call Sarah Bird, Director of the Teaching School Hub, at the number given on the form.

Any complaints or concerns raised will be treated with impartiality and discretion.