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Annual Norfolk CPD survey (Barriers and Needs)

With Norfolk County Council.

Once again, the Julian TSH is working in partnership with Inspiration TSH and NCC on the annual ‘Norfolk CPD Survey’. The goal is to understand:

  • How you access external Professional Development
  • Barriers you face to taking advantage of funded Professional Development
  • Who might have expertise to input into TSH (or other) programmes
  • Any instances of programmes you need that aren’t available.

Results will be shared with the Teaching School Hub Council, the Department for Education, and local CPD providers, to stimulate both the design and implementation of their CPD programmes.

The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and your participation is greatly appreciated, as a high return rate is essential to gaining an accurate picture. Last year your responses were used to commission various programmes, as well as advocate for improvements to existing programmes.

Find the survey here. 

Survey closes end of day Friday March 3rd.