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BREAKING NEWS: NPQ application deadline extended

Applications now close 16 January

BREAKING NEWS - NPQ spring applications now close 16 January. 

I have found all the content useful. I can already see how this might play into my current role and help me move forwards with future projects and decision-making.

2021-22 NPQ participant

 All of our NPQs are facilitated by expert leaders recruited and trained by the Julian TSH and TDT.

The opportunities to collaborate were incredibly valuable, particularly when we came from different contexts and roles. Personally I found this a very powerful tool.

2021-22 NPQ participant

We are offering the following NPQs starting this term:

  • NPQ in Early Years Leadership: take your career in EYFS to the next level. Lead your team effectively, and create change and impact.
  • NPQ in Headship: become a skilful and research-informed leader with the capability to lead your school in conjunction with a motivated and coherent senior leadership team.
  • NPQ in Senior Leadership: learn how to become a leader who can contribute to a cohesive, impact-focused school leadership team.
  • NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture: learn how to lead the improvement of pupil wellbeing, create calm classrooms, great pupil behaviour and a warm whole-school culture.
  • NPQ in Leading Literacy: learn how you can lead the improvement of literacy across your phase or school. 
  • NPQ in Leading Teaching: learn to lead a team’s improvement in teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment.
  • NPQ in Leading Teacher Development: learn how to lead your school's CPD and staff development strategy. Ideal for ITT and ECT mentors.

Honest. Open. Realistic. Not too much 'jargon', but willing to explain it when using it.

2021-22 npq participant

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