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Curriculum Hubs: find out more about... Wensum English Hub

Second in an occasional series shining a light on our local curriculum hubs.

What is an English Hub?

The DfE launched 34 English Hubs at primary schools across England to support schools to improve the teaching of early language and reading. Each Hub school has been chosen for its track record in excellent language, literacy and reading teaching.

Who are we?

The Wensum English Hub is located at Heather Avenue Infant School, part of The Wensum Trust, and is one of 34 English Hubs nationwide. Funded by the Department for Education, we support other schools in the county to achieve excellence in teaching reading and early language development.

What we offer

At Wensum English Hub we offer free funding and support in achieving excellent teaching through:

  • Developing early language and closing the word gap
  • Developing early reading through systematic synthetic phonics
  • Promoting a love of reading.

How we can support you

We support eligible partnership schools to deliver excellent phonics and reading lessons to EYFS and KS1. This is achieved through:

  • Attending one of our showcase events. During our event you will be able to meet the Wensum English Hub team, observe the teaching of phonics, reading and 1:1 intervention sessions. You will also be able to find out further information about the support we provide. Funding may be available for two members of staff from your school to attend.
  • Following the submission of a completed action plan, an audit of your school's phonics and reading provision will be completed. These audits are designed to set out a plan for improvement and any resources required.
  • Each partnership school will be appointed a Literacy Specialist who will deliver 6 days worth of school support. 
  • Funding of up to £6000 to support the delivery of implementing the project and purchasing resources.

Visit the website.