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Focus on... BRAND NEW Assessment Academy

Offered in partnership with Evidence Based Education (EBE).

Assessment Academy: Assessment Essentials focuses specifically on ‘ what every teacher needs to know about assessment’. The ten-week course responds to clear and pressing problems identified by the Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training (“… assessment is the area where most improvement is required”). It represents the best of what we know about assessment direct to teachers in a manageable format, with no need for cover or travel.

The course follows a micro-lesson structure, designed to fit around the busy timetable of teachers and is a commitment of around 1.5 hours per week. It includes insight interviews with leading thinkers and practitioners - Dylan Wiliam, Daisy Christodoulou, John Hattie, Rob Coe and others - who will help teachers reflect on and develop their practice.

To complement the course, participants registering via their Teaching School Hub will also have four EXCLUSIVE online webinars delivered by members of the EBE team.

How have teachers benefited from Assessment Essentials?

  • Collaborative conversations: "It has been great to have conversations with a trusted colleague about new ways of assessing and helping our students improve. It has been invigorating as a professional as well to hear what other teachers are doing in the classroom."
  • Interviews with expert practitioners: "The audio clips are just wonderful. It is really interesting and beneficial to hear the voices and experiences of different professionals. The voices and opinions were varied and this allowed me as the learner to think about my own experiences/opinions/thoughts."
  • The online learning platform: "I really liked this course being online. Before enrolling I was worried I had to find time and travel to a local school each week. However, being an online course allowed me the freedom to fit it around my own schedule."
  • Self-reflection: "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I found myself reflecting immediately on my own practices as soon as I started the course which has been very helpful. Thank you."

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