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NEW maths pilot for mentors of secondary maths ECTs.

News from Ambition Institute, for mentors on their programme.

Ambition Institute’s ECT programme is not subject specific; instead it draws on mentor expertise to contextualise for ECTs by focusing on the underlying features in a range of subject and phase specific scenarios. However, as Ambition are keen to #KeepGettingBetter, they’ve listened to the calls for greater subject specificity, and we’re pleased to announce a pilot for mentors of secondary maths ECTs.

NEW maths pilot for mentors of secondary maths ECTs.

This is a very exciting project that we hope you will support. Thanks to funding from Credit Suisse, Ambition's team have been able to develop a suite of maths-specific resources, aimed at mentors of ECTs who teach secondary maths. 

What will this mean in practice for a mentor of a secondary maths ECT? 

  • From January 2024, mentors on the pilot will have access to maths specific exemplification to use in the instructional coaching cycle. There will also be maths specific steps which mentors can set for their ECTs.
  • There is no extra work for mentors, just the normal expectation of weekly instructional coaching, but with maths-specific examples (that they can use if they want to – they don’t have to!).
  • The Year 2 mentor clinic will also have a maths-specific option for those signed up for the pilot (delivered online by Ambition Institute). Please note, this means that those registered for this pilot will have the choice of 4 clinic topics instead of 3. It will not be an expectation to attend this in addition to the existing Year 2 clinic (but would be possible to attend as an additional input if mentors wanted to).
  • Ambition will ask mentors and their ECTs to take part in short surveys to gather their thoughts on the maths-specific elements, and will be seeking a small selection of mentors to take part in a focus group.
  • Even if a mentor is on the pilot, they are not required to use the maths materials, or attend the Year 2 maths clinic, but we hope that they will.
  • The pilot will start in January 2024 and end in July 2025.

Who is it for?

  • The pilot is only for NEW mentors who start the programme in September 2023, and
  • Are matched to an ECT whose main teaching subject is secondary maths.

Next steps

  • Ambition will communicate this opportunity directly to mentors and induction tutors by email. In the meantime, if your school is interested in this opportunity, please email us to let us know.