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NPQs: what's changed?

What's different about the new and reformed NPQs?

When you think about National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), do you imagine lots of time out of school and a year-long project? Do you worry that you just don't have the time or headspace to commit to that level of professional development?

Well, we're delighted to let you know that the barriers described above just don't exist in the new and reformed NPQs. Learning takes place mostly online via shorter webinars (usually just a couple of hours), and asynchronous study in your own time, paired with just a handful of half-day face to face events.

The final assessment is an open-book, 1500-word response to a case study designed to challenge you to look at issues outside your own school — making the new NPQs transferable across stages and contexts. And if you’re interested in the NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture, you don't even need to have QTS.

Find out more, including how to apply.