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Reforms to Appropriate Bodies

Important update for schools.

In summer 2022, the Department for Education (DfE) conducted a consultation on the role of Appropriate Bodies. In November 2022, the DfE published their response to the consultation. Consequently, and in conversation with our colleagues at Norfolk Local Authority Appropriate Body (LA AB), the key implications are that:

  • Local Authorities will cease to act as Appropriate Bodies from September 2024, and will not accept registrations for Early Career Teachers (ECTs) starting their induction from September 2023 onwards.
  • The Julian Teaching School Hub (TSH), LA AB and the DfE recommend that schools keep using LA AB for any ECTs already registered with them. This will enable all parties to maintain effective induction support for those ECTs, while working together to plan for transition to an entirely TSH-led Appropriate Body sector from September 2024.
  • The DfE intends no wholesale changes to the overall role of ABs, however it has identified some changes to take effect from September 2024. These are referred to in the consultation response, and will be codified in an update to the statutory guidance on Induction for ECTs. We expect the DfE to publish this update in Spring 2023.

An AB since July 2021, the Julian Teaching School Hub will continue to work closely with both LA AB and Inspiration TSH throughout and beyond these changes. We will ensure a smooth transition for schools and ECTs. Our collective aim is to ensure there is continuity of the service provided. Working together, our organisations will provide you with further details of transition plans in the new year.