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The Julian TSH wants to hear from you!

Complete the annual school leaders' satisfaction survey.

As part of our continued designation as a Teaching School Hub, the DfE asks that we survey school leaders annually to find out how they rate our services; and we are required to report on this as part of the Department's oversight of our work. We also report back to our Steering Group.

It's important that we are held accountable for what we do - not only are we a government-funded organisation, but we also work with teachers at the very beginning of their careers, and they deserve the best start in the profession that we can provide via initial teacher training, the ECT programme and our appropriate body service. In our delivery of NPQs and partnership work on other recommended CPD, we work with more experienced teachers at all stages of their careers - and they also deserve the best we have to offer, since they are the backbone of our schools.

Most importantly, we never lose sight of our vision: "Uniting schools to serve every child, by applying best bets for improving outcomes." 

We read every response to every survey we send out, because every child in our region deserves the best outcome possible - so if we can improve our offer to schools, we must. 

We would be immensely grateful if you would take a few moments to complete the survey, and help hold us to account for the pupils in your school.