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Boost your career with the new NPQs

Study the reformed NPQs with the Julian Teaching School Hub.

Here at the Julian Teaching School Hub we are driven by our vision and values, and when it came to choosing which national professional qualification (NPQ) providers with whom to partner, staying true to our values was a big consideration. We were drawn to the ethos behind the Church of England's programmes (“Called to a lifegiving vocation, Connected to a thriving learning community, and Committed to evidence-informed excellence in education”), and loved the Teacher Development Trust's description of its team as “joyfully nerdy”. As we get to know our delivery partners better, it's clear to us that we made the right choice, from the relationships we're forming to the training our facilitators are receiving.

We recruited our facilitators with our values in mind, and we're incredibly proud of the team we've put together — talented educators who are generous with their expertise, from Trust CEOs to SEND Leads, to Headteachers.

If you're passionate about teaching and aspire to leadership, whether of curriculum, culture, CPD, or whole-school, we are sure that undertaking an NPQ with the Julian Teaching School Hub and our partners will be a driver in your ongoing success.

Find out more about our NPQs here, or join our webinar to have your questions answered.