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Appropriate Body


Guide to Appropriate Body services

What is an ECT?

The term ‘Early Career Teacher’ refers to a newly qualified teacher in their first or second year of induction, i.e. someone who has previously been awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

What happened to the term ‘NQT’?

Effective 1 September 2021, statutory guidance for appropriate bodies, headteachers, school staff and governing bodies increases the standard length of induction from one school year to two school years. To reflect this change, as well as additional changes as part of the Early Career Framework, The term Early Career Teacher (ECT) replaces Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT).

What is ECT Induction?

Induction is the bridge between Initial Teacher Training (ITT) and a career in teaching. It combines a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF), with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the Teachers’ Standards.

The programme should support the ECT and provide them with the necessary training to ensure that they can demonstrate that their performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory by the end of the period. Induction should provide a foundation for ECTs and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

ECTs are encouraged to start their induction as soon as possible after gaining QTS, although there is no set time limit for starting or completing an induction period. However, an ECT has only one chance to complete statutory induction.

The statutory provisions which underpin this guidance are sections 135A, 135B and 141C(1)(b) of the Education Act 2002, and the Education (Induction Arrangements for School Teachers) (England) Regulations 2012.

Institutions should read the related statutory guidance in full in order to fully understand their responsibilities in relation to ECT Induction. This document provides a brief overview by way of an introduction to the Julian Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body service.

What is an Appropriate Body?

Appropriate Bodies independently quality assure statutory induction, ensuring that schools provide adequate support for their ECTs; that their assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions; and that they are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF.

If an ECT is not registered with an Appropriate Body, they are unable to begin their induction period. Retrospective registrations are not possible. All ECTs need an ‘upfront’ contract of at least one term in order to be eligible for induction. In accordance with the statutory guidance the post must be suitable for an ECT.  Please contact us for more advice if there is a concern about the suitability of a particular post.

How to register your ECT(s) with the Julian TSH Appropriate Body

The first step for schools wishing to register with us is to complete and submit a Service Level Agreement. Email us at to request a copy.

Once we have received and checked your completed agreement, you will be able to register on our online portal, ECT Manager. This is a paperless system for recording data securely, submitting assessments, accessing resources, raising alerts and managing ECTs during induction.

When you register on ECT Manager, please ensure that you have:

  • Your ECT’s QTS reference number
  • Their full name and date of birth
  • Full name of their Induction tutor
  • Full name of their mentor.

Induction can only commence once we have checked that the information you provide matches data already registered nationally: in the busy summer months please be aware that checks may only be possible within the normal working day period.

Supporting you in providing the ECF entitlement to your ECTs

There are three approaches to enable the delivery of an ECF-based induction. Schools can choose:

  • A funded provider-led programme (Full Induction Programme, or FIP)
  • To deliver their own training using DfE-accredited materials and resources (Core Induction Programme, or CIP)
  • To design and deliver their own ECF-based induction (School-based Induction Programme).

It is up to school leaders to choose the approach that best suits the needs of their early career teachers and mentors. In addition to serving as an Appropriate Body, the Julian TSH is a delivery partner of Ambition Institute, delivering the funded FIP.

Please contact us if you wish to register for this high-quality training programme for ECTs and their mentors, which comes at no cost to schools.

Service fees

For the services outlined above the costs are as follows:

ECF route chosen by the school Cost payable to the Appropriate Body per ECT
Full 2-year induction period Partial induction period: 1 year Partial induction period: 1 term
Full Induction Programme (also ECTs on legacy Induction arrangements)


£255 £150

Core Induction Programme

£740 (+£406 for each additional ECT) £588 £483

School-based Induction Programme

£1740 (+£406 for each additional ECT) £1088 £983

If you have any questions regarding our Appropriate Body work, please email us at