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ITT funding for schools

There is funding available to schools who participate in initial teacher training activities.

Intensive Training and Practice placements (ITaPs)

ITT providers will receive funding to help with the costs of creating and delivering ITaPs. If your school hosts and/or delivers any part of an ITaP, this funding can be used to pay for that. 


Schools that offer ITT placements will need their mentors to complete 20 hours of mentor training with an accredited training provider (i.e., the ITT provider). This training will include content on the mentor role and skills, the ITT core content framework and its underpinning evidence, and the ITT curriculum. 

Schools can claim for the actual hours of training undertaken by the mentor up to 20 hours, to help with the cost of the teacher being away from the classroom. This could include:

  • Paying cover costs while the mentor is undertaking training.
  • Paying cover costs if the mentor takes time off in lieu for training.
  • Overtime payment to the mentor if they undertake training outside of normal working hours.
  • Paying for costs arising from reducing a mentor's other responsibilities so that they have time to train.

You will be able to claim this funding at the end of the 2024-25 academic year.

Your ITT provider will be able to tell you more about funding available for ITT placements.