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Recommended CPD

We offer a number of different continuing professional development (CPD) programmes which complement our core ITT, ECF and NPQ offer, while being distinct from what curriculum hubs and Research Schools provide.

How do we determine what to offer?

We work on an annual cycle, in partnership with Norfolk County Council and other members of our steering group, to identify school CPD needs.

How do we commission CPD?

One of our core values is partnerships between learning organisations. Having identified CPD need, we seek to work with a wide range of schools and organisations to identify who is best placed to design and deliver that CPD. This may be one of our local partners, ourselves, someone we have not previously worked with, or a collaboration. What drives our decision-making is fidelity to evidence with intelligent adaptation, another of our core values.

How do we quality assure CPD?

Our central team works with Norfolk Research School to utilise the best available evidence on what makes CPD effective. Before we recommend any CPD to schools, we audit its design for the programme against the evidence base, offering feedback to the programme lead until we are happy that standards are high. We then sample delivery of CPD once programmes are underway, as well as surveying participants to ascertain their views on quality, usefulness and impact.