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Hear from some of our early career teachers and mentors in their own words.

I enjoy re-visiting ideas and concepts that I have not given much thought to since completing the PGCE. For example, the concept of cognitive overload: it is a concept that I am well aware of but find myself forgetting when teaching. I also enjoyed how the conference was split into the science behind the concepts and then the application.

 A hugely positive impact! As a teacher in America, we are taught very different way to teach, so these conferences and the mentoring really help me to change my teaching style and be much more aware of when I use too much teacher talk.

StepLab helpfully chunks information and training steps, so the weight of information is not as overwhelming as it could be. 

The support from mentors and the ideas to implement within the classroom have been fantastic in the first term. 

The small steps feel achievable without extra workload. Some of the steps have been very useful, and I will continue to use them. It’s good to have time with a mentor each week. 

The online meetings are helpful to find out how other mentors are finding the programme and to share experiences and solutions for observing each week. The action steps on StepLab are clear and concise which makes it much easier to home in on particular aspects of teaching practice. 

I appreciate the rationale behind the programme of the deliberate practice and the organisation into small steps so that the ECT can focus on developing one new skill at a time. 

I've gained new skills and good CPD opportunities – I'm enjoying the role. The entitlement for ECTs and the materials are good. Additional support has been effective and multi-tiered. 

I think the ECT programme is excellent, very accessible, not too onerous and does really support the ECT well.