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What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow you to undertake on-the-job training while employed by a school. Some apprenticeships include qualifications e.g. QTS, NPQ, Diploma, Degree.

Who pays for the apprenticeship?

Every employer with a payroll of over £3 million automatically pays 0.5% of total salary costs into the apprenticeship levy. This money is ring-fenced in an account and can only be used to fund apprenticeships. If the money is not used within 24 months, it reverts to the treasury.

I don't think my school's payroll costs are that high - can I still do an apprenticeship?

Yes! If your school is Local Authority Maintained (LAM), then the Local Authority is your employer and pays into the levy on your school's behalf. 

If your school is an academy, your academy trust is responsible for paying into the levy.

If your parent organisation does not qualify for the levy, then it will pay just 5% of the cost of your apprenticeship training, with the government paying the rest.

If the levy covers the cost of training, who pays my salary?

Your school will need to cover your salary: you will be doing the job while you train.

How would it work day to day?

Your school employs you to do the job for which you are an apprentice.

All training is delivered by a training provider from an approved list – workplace mentor support is required. Delivery methods (e.g., face to face, online, hybrid) and duration vary depending on the training provider and your contracted hours​.

The apprentice is required to log off the job training hours – 6 hours per week on average​. This doesn't have to be formal study or time out of school: any new knowledge, experience, research or tasks can count towards this.

The duration of your apprenticeship does not include the End Point Assessment​ (EPA) period: this can be around three months and the nature of the EPA is determined by your training provider. Therefore, for in-school apprenticeships your contract should be for an academic year and one term.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end?

Not necessarily. But you will have a qualification that will increase your employability elsewhere.

Ok I'm sold! What's on offer? Is it only for if I want to be a teacher?

There are lots of apprenticeships on offer that can enhance your knowledge, skills, and career prospects - and increase your value to your school - up to and including teaching: